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Anna Agbe-Davies

Associate Professor


Historical archaeology, plantation societies of the colonial southeastern US and Caribbean, towns and cities of the 19th and 20th century Midwest, African diaspora.


Benjamin Arbuckle

Professor and Associate Chair

  Near Eastern Archaeology, Turkey, origins and evolution of animal economies, animals in complex societies  

Florence E Babb

Harrington Distinguished Professor
(919) 962-1242


Cultural/economic/feminist anthropology; gender, race, and sexuality; critical development studies; urbanization in the global South; tourism studies; Latin American studies; Central Andes, Central America.



Brian Billman

Associate Professor
(919) 962-9348


Archaeology of Chiefdoms and States, Political Economy, Human Violence, the Evolution of Human Behavior, Heritage Preservation, Settlement Pattern Analysis, the prehistory of the Andes and the American Southwest



Rachel Briggs

Teaching Assistant Professor

  Foodways (the anthropology of food), gender, and identity; social complexity and the emergence of complex societies; hominy and maize; infographics; Mississippian, proto-historic, and historic periods in the Southeastern United States; historic Creek Indian archaeology; Moundville and westcentral Alabama; Burke phase (A.D. 1400-1650) and western North Carolina; protohistoric and historic Catawba Indians; embodied cognition and practice theory; historical anthropology (sensu Marshall Sahlins).

Jocelyn Lim Chua

Associate Professor
(919) 962-1145


Anthropologies and politics of health and well-being; globalization of psychiatry; mental health and illness; politics of life and death; suicide; ontologies of the body; kinship and care; South Asia; Kerala


Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld

Professor and Senior Associate Dean


Indigenous peoples, artisan economies, competition, commodities, consumer cultures, producer associations, local food systems

Emily Curtin

Teaching Assistant Professor

Charles Hilton

Teaching Assistant Professor

Glenn D Hinson

Associate Professor
(919) 962-1661


Ethnography, Belief Studies, Folklife, Public Folklore, Trauma-Informed Ethnographic Practice, Experience-Centered Anthropology, African American Expressive Culture, Vernacular Poetry, Vernacular Art; African Diaspora, The North American South


Morgan Hoke

Assistant Professor

Biological anthropology, medical anthropology, human biology, inequality, embodiment, maternal and child health, gut health, nutrition, housing and resource security, Latin America, the Andes, North America 

Martha King

Teaching Associate Professor

  Ontologies of the body; belief systems; cultures of biomedicine; genomics & society / ELSI; clinical encounters; epistemologies of pluralism; identity; folk practice; Anabaptists, the Amish; the US South

Valerie Lambert

Associate Professor

  American Indians; tribal sovereignty; tribal nation building and tribal governance; federal-tribal relations and tribal-state relations; bureaucracy and the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs  

Paul W Leslie

Pardue Distinguished Professor
(919) 962-1564

Biological Anthropology, Human Ecology, Demography, Population Genetics, Reproduction, East Africa

Patricia A. McAnany

Kenan Eminent Professor
(919) 843-8978

  Cultural Heritage and Indigenous Communities; Ancestor Veneration; Archaeological Understanding of Detachment from Place; Cultural Logic of Noncapitalist Economies; Identity and Gender Constructs; Cacao Production and Use; Social Reproduction of Technology; Maya Studies; Archaeology of Mesoamerica. **On Leave Fall 2022 and Spring 2023**

Townsend Middleton

Associate Professor
919 962-2683


Political Anthropology;  Recognition, Autonomy, Belonging;  Bureaucracy & the State; Chokepoints, Logistics and Infrastructure; Cinchona/Quinine; Colonialism & Postcolonial Theory; South Asia; Himalayas, India


Christopher T Nelson

Associate Professor


History and Memory; Everyday Life; Ethnography; Critical Theory; Storytelling, Ritual and Performance; Japan and Okinawa


Caela O’Connell

Assistant Professor


Environmental anthropology; human-environment relationships; socio-ecological interdependencies; risk; crisis; change; anthropologies of water, economics, disaster, and engagement; interdisciplinary and mixed research methodologies; food and agricultural studies; rural and agrarian communities; the Caribbean and the Americas



Michele Rivkin-Fish

Associate Professor


Medical anthropology, moral economies of medicine and health, gender and health, reproductive politics, health care reform, Russia, United States


Aalyia Sadruddin

Assistant Professor
(919) 962-1243

  Medical Anthropology; Aging; Care; Disability; Demographic Transitions; Emergent Biomedical Technologies; Health; Political Culture; Violence; Contemporary Social Theory; Paraethnography; Storytelling; Africa, with a special focus on Rwanda.

C. Margaret Scarry

Professor, Chair of Curriculum in Archaeology, and Director of Research Labs of Archaeology
(919) 962-3841


Archaeology, Paleoethnobotany, Subsistence Economies, Foodways, North America, Greek Aegean, Complex Societies


Karla Slocum

Professor; Associate Dean-Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Thomas Willis Lambeth Distinguished Chair in Public Policy
(919) 962-2438

  Place, Race and History; Globalization; Rurality; Social Movements; the Caribbean; the U.S. Southwest  

Doug Smit

Teaching Assistant Professor

Sandy Smith-Nonini

Adjunct Assistant Professor
(919) 286-7396


New Energy Poverty resulting from Debt, Climate and Fossil Fuel Crises; Neoliberalism, Migrant Labor, Resurgent Epidemics, Health Policy.

Mark Sorensen

Associate Professor


Biological Anthropology; Health and Culture Change; Adaptability; Energetics; Nutrition; Russia; Siberia; Ecuador


Vincas P Steponaitis

(919) 962-6574


Archaeology, Political Economy, Chiefdoms, Quantitative Methods, North America.


Angela Stuesse

Associate Professor
(919) 843-7393


Neoliberal globalization; race, ethnicity, and identity; migration; human rights; labor; methodologies of activist research; the U.S. South and Southwest; Latino and Latin America; Equatorial Guinea


Amanda Thompson

Professor and Department Chair
(919) 843-2060

  Biomedical anthropology, nutrition, human biology, early life determinants of body composition and obesity, infant and child feeding  

Colin Thor West

Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
(919) 966-5588

  Human ecology, households, climate change, social-ecological systems, Sahelian West Africa, and sustainable livelihoods  

Margaret J Wiener

Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies
(919) 962-2399


Actor Network Theory, Ontology, and Science Studies; History and Memory; Magic; Human and Animal Relations; Colonial Societies; Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Bali.