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About Douglas

From 2020-2023, I served as Program Director for InHerit (Indigenous Heritage Passed to Present []), an organization that is affiliated with the Research Labs of Archaeology at UNC-Chapel Hill. InHerit works with Indigenous communities to document silenced stories and empower people to reshape cultural narratives. With InHerit I worked as part of a project titled “Amplifying Native Voices in North Carolina History,” a partnership with the Museum of the Southeast American Indian at UNC-Pembroke. This project develops resources for K-12 North Carolina teachers and students that incorporate Native perspectives and shed light on Indigenous histories often underrepresented in school curriculum.

Research Interests

Political economy, colonialism, markets, Philadelphia, The Great Migration, urban renewal/dispossession, labor, mining, Andean South America, the Inka, Colonial Andes


Historical Archaeology, Community Archaeology, Oral History, Ceramics, Compositional Analysis


PhD, University of Illinois-Chicago, 2018; MA, University of Illinois-Chicago, 2012; BA, George Washington University, 2008

Current Courses

  • ANTH 89 – HISTORY OF THE WORLD IN 12 OBJECTS (MWF, 10:10 AM – 11:00 AM)
  • ANTH 121 – ANCIENT CITIES: AMERICAS (MWF, 9:05 AM – 9:55 AM)
  • ANTH 290 – ANTH of SPORT (MWF, 12:20 PM – 1:10 PM)

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