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Professor Emeritus
Sociocultural Anthropologist
Alumni Building 407

Research Interests

Social Life of an Israeli Kibbutz, Phenomenology, Social Theory, Anthropology as Ethics, Reason and Human Agency, Anthropological Theory, India, the Nuer of East Africa; Comparative Study of Conflict, Sacrifice, and the Self in Transcendental Social Movements

Research Background

Background: Extended field research on the social life of an Israeli kibbutz. Archaeological and anthropological field research in India. Extensive research in the literature on the Nuer of East Africa. Career-long research in phenomenology and social theory. Present: Monographic study of anthropology as ethics, reason and human agency. Comparative study of conflict, sacrifice, and the self in transcendental social movements. Monographic study on the phenomenology of the Nuer. Various essays on anthropological theory.


PhD, Manchester

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