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Graduate Student
Alumni Building 410B

About Erin

Erin is a registered dietitian nutritionist with clinical and school food service experience. She is interested in educating students, especially future healthcare professionals, on health, food, and nutrition through a biocultural lens.

Research Background

Using training in nutrition, food studies, and an evolutionary perspective, I am particularly interested in how early-life feeding practices may modulate immune function. Additionally, I explore the impacts of food policy and recommendations on nutrition status and how these affect food practices, customs, and beliefs. I am becoming increasingly interested in how food allergies are changing food systems and also the experience of food allergies in relation to food anxiety.


MA in Food Studies, Indiana University, 2023; MS in Nutrition & Metabolism from University of Texas Medical Branch, 2019; BS in Nutrition, Texas Woman's University, 2017


Conference Presentations:

Hosein, E., Wiley, AS (April, 2023). Poster. “Metropolitan location and enrollment associated with increased allergies in school foodservice.” Human Biology Association Annual Conference.

Hosein, E. (April, 2021). Presentation. “Food Confidence.” Women 2 Women Virtual Confidence Conference. Held virtually due to COVID-19.

Hosein, E. (October, 2018). Poster. “Adequacy of Protein Consumption in Elderly Post-Acute Care.” Annual Forum on Aging Poster Session at University of Texas Medical Branch.

Hosein, E. (March, 2017). Poster. “Correlation between Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and the Level of Angiotensin in Cultured Adipocytes.” Texas Woman’s University’s Learn by Doing Showcase in Quality Enhancement Program.

Hosein, E. (April, 2016). Poster. “Determinants and Acculturation of Food Choices, Food Habits, and Nutritional Beliefs in Mexican-Americans, Multi-Generational Case Study.” Texas Woman’s University Honor’s Program Student Symposium.

Other Presentations:

Co-Presentation, 2023, “The History and Science of Schoko-Fruchtspiesse, a German Chocolate Festival Food” for Wonder lab Museum, After Hours Gastronomy Series

Co-Presentation, 2023, “Self-Identity through Chocolate,” an Interactive Food Presentation for Phoenix Theater for show “The Rise and Fall of Holly Fudge”

Presentation, 2022, “The Spice of Life: The History, Science, and Nutrition of Chili Peppers” for Wonder lab Museum, After Hours Gastronomy Series
Guest Lecture, 2021, “Diet Media” for Media Studies Undergraduate class

Guest Lecture, 2018, “Nutrition Basics and Guidance for General Population to Progressive Neurological Diseases” for the Doctor of Physical Therapy class

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