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Anthropology is the integrative study of human beings at all times and in all places. Within this broad field of study, three programs of foundational training form the focus of our department: Archaeology; Human Biology, Ecology, and Evolution; and Sociocultural Anthropology and Ethnography.

We cross cut these specializations with five concentrations to integrate anthropology’s diverse expertise. Our current concentrations focus on: Health, Medicine, and Humanity; Heritage and Unwritten Histories; Global Engagement; Race, Place, and Power; and Food, Environment, and Sustainability.

Department of Anthropology—Statement

The Department of Anthropology is committed to fostering and protecting diversity, inclusion, and equality in our classrooms and communities. We reject racism, misogyny, class oppression, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism and discrimination of all kinds—including that which has attended the recent 2016 U.S. election. Having studied these phenomena historically and around the contemporary world, we have documented the harm that discrimination does at home and abroad. Drawing on our experiences as anthropologists, we remain staunchly committed to forging a more just and equitable society through our work as scholars and teachers, and in solidarity with other collectives. 

We uphold the University of North Carolina’s principles of non-discrimination, as outlined here. Diversity and inclusion are central to who we are, what we teach, and what we do as anthropologists.  They are crucial to intellectual freedom. We will continue to embrace these values in order to ensure a safe educational space, where faculty, students, and staff can work, study, and thrive without fear, harassment, and intimidation. We are working in and beyond our classrooms to ensure these values and we are prepared to listen, support, and take action.

As scholars of humanity’s diversity, we stand together in the belief that anthropology’s historical and cross-cultural perspectives offer means to understand and confront the uncertainties and challenges of our times. The past several months, we know, have been a divisive and, for many, frightening time. We accordingly take this moment to re-affirm—to our students, staff, and the public we serve—our shared commitments to diversity, inclusion, equality, and intellectual freedom.


Department News


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Department News and Celebrations

January 18, 2017 Recent PhD graduate Orisanmi Burton accepted a tenure track job at American University. Charles Price received an IAH Fellowship for Fall 2017.  


Anthropology Department Celebrations!

December 5, 2016 Bryan Dougan just received  the 2016 Royal Air Morocco-ASA Student Travel Award through the African Studies Association. On Monday November 28, 2016, Malena Rousseau successfully defended her dissertation, “Seeking Buen Vivir: Re-imagining Livelihoods in the Shifting Political … Continued


Anthropology News and Celebrations

November 14, 2016 New Books: Mara Buchbinder, Michele Rivkin-Fish, and Rebecca Walker, eds. 2016 Understanding Health Inequalities and Justice: New Conversations Across the Disciplines, has been published by UNC Press, Social Medicine Series. New projects: Michele Rivkin-Fish received a $94,000 … Continued


Fall InHerit Newsletter

November 4, 2016 The Indigenous heritage fall newsletter has been released. Features include InHerit’s newest initiative, introduces the new program director, and so much more! Find the full newsletter by clicking here.

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