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Meet Hill Winstead

September 15, 2017

Name: William Hill Winstead Year of Graduation: 2013 Major: History Minor: Medical Anthropology “Both anthropology and history equipped me with a different mindset and lens through which I can see the world.” Educational History Why did you decide to pursue … Read more

Bobby Nieland: “Life and death”

April 25, 2013

Bobby Nieland: “Life and death” I believe that my personal discovery of the field of medical anthropology, though occurring relatively late in my time at university, has nonetheless been one of the most influential aspects of the liberal arts education … Read more

Kelsey Ludwig: “It’s like wearing new glasses”

April 22, 2013

Kelsey Ludwig: “It’s like wearing new glasses” I took my first medical anthropology course during the spring semester of my freshman year. I realized I was hooked to the field in the middle of a lecture in Professor Rivkin-Fish’s Comparative … Read more