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Further achievements by our graduate students:

Bryan Dougan and his coauthors have published a new, open access paper entitled: “Looking at Myself in the Future”: how mentoring shapes scientific identity for STEM students from underrepresented groups.” It can be found here:

Alfredo Rojas was recently awarded an NSF DDRIG and a Fulbright-Hays.

Maja Jeranko, whose doctoral research in Ecuador was interrupted due to Covid-19 in March, has received a UNC Digital Dissertation Award to add digital ethnographic storytelling and visual methodologies to her research, and to create an interactive web-based platform for use by the community where her work is based.

Ampson Hagan was awarded a AAA Minority Dissertation Fellowship

Courtney Canter has been awarded an NSF DDRIG award in support for her dissertation fieldwork project, “Security and Preparedness in US Public Schools.”

Sophie Dent has accepted a visiting professor position at Appalachian State University.

Eric Thomas (2020 PhD) has been awarded a fixed-term contract to teach a 2:2 in the Department of Environmental Conservation at U Mass-Amherst.


Further achievements by our faculty:

Martha King was chosen as an IAAR-SLATE faculty teaching fellow for the year AND received the IAH Fixed-Term Faculty Grant to develop projects with upper-level undergraduates that involve collecting meta-data on researchers studying the American South across campus.

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