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April 6, 2020

Further achievements by our graduate students:

· Maja Jeranko received a fellowship for her project, “Building Equitable Futures: A Photovoice Study of Gender in Post-Earthquake Coastal Ecuador,” which she will complete in partnership with A Mano Manaba Foundation.

· Rachel Wilbur received a fellowship for her project, “Physiological response to language revitalization within a Coast Salish community,” which she will complete in partnership with Whiteswan Environmental.

· Sierra Roark has two accomplishments to celebrate. She won the Middle Atlantic Archaeology Conference student paper competition (the meeting was cancelled but they judged the student papers that had been submitted ahead of time). She also received a Southern Studies Predissertation Prospectus Fellowship from Wilson Library.

· Anna Graham has received a one-year fellowship starting in the fall from the McNeil Center for Early American Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

· Gracie Riehm was awarded a Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship for her dissertation research on the 18th-century Natchez polity.

· Lucia Stavig has received a PEO Award of $15,000 for the next academic year.

· Diane Slocum has received a FLAS to study Yucatec Mayan (virtually) this summer.

· Ariana Avila received a FLAS for next year to study Haitian Creole.

· Ann Suk received a summer FLAS to study Burmese.

· One of our former undergrads, Elijah Watson, received an NSF GRFP and is attending grad school in Anthropology at Northwestern University next year.

Further achievements by our faculty:

· New Publication! Donald M. Nonini and Ida Susser, eds. The Tumultuous Politics of Scale: Unsettled States, Migrants, Movements in Flux. New York: Routledge, 2020.

· Florence Babb has been awarded the 2020 Lifetime Achievement Award (Premio Legado y Trayectoria) by the Peru Section of the Latin American Studies Association and will be recognized (virtually) at the annual congress in May.

Further achievements by our faculty, continued:

· The Virtual Museum of North Carolina Archaeology ( developed by the RLA (particularly Vin Steponaitis and Steve Davis) was featured in the recent Carolina Alumni Review:

· Caela O’Connell was featured in the April 2, 2020 edition of the local online newspaper: in an article entitled “Chapel Hill Neighborhood’s ‘I Spy’ Game Fosters Fun, Community During Outbreak”

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