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April 17, 2019

Further achievements by our undergraduate students:

  • Chris Lamack has been admitted to PhD programs in Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin Madison and University of Pennsylvania, both with funding.  He is currently weighing his options.
  • Abigail (Abby) Gancz was accepted to several PhD programs in Anthropology (Arizona State, Mississippi State, U Georgia, UC Berkeley, and Penn State).  UC Berkeley and Penn State offered five year funding packages. Abby accepted Penn State’s offer of 32K per year for five years and she has just received an NSF GRFP award.

Further achievements by our graduate students:

  • Maia Dedrick has been awarded a 2-year Hirsch Postdoctoral Associate position at Cornell University.
  • Lucia Stavig has been selected to receive a Community Engagement Fellowship through the Carolina Center for Public Service for her project, “Harms-In-Ayllu: Healing after forced sterilization in an Andean community”; she also has received a seed grant from Graduate Certificate in Participatory Research (GCPR) to work this summer with Quechua women in Peru in order to document the healing process from forced sterilizations.
  • Lucía Stavig  has won the Helen Safa Prize, Gender Section, LASA (Latin American Studies Association) for her paper “Unwittingly Agreed: Fujimori, Neoliberal Governmentality, and the Inclusive Exclusion of Campesinas in the World of Women’s Rights.”
  • Christine Mikeska (and Ben Arbuckle) were awarded a Strategic Partnership with Tubingen University.
  • Sophia Dent was awarded a Dissertation Completion Fellowship by the UNC Graduate School.
  • Marwa Koheji received an off-campus research award from the UNC Graduate School.
  • Colleen Betti received a  Graduate Student Summer Research Grant from the IAAR:
  • Ana Ramirez was awarded a seed grant of $1200 from the Graduate Certificate in Participatory Research.
  • Julio Villa-Palomino was awarded the Society for Psychological Anthropology/Lemelson Foundation Fellowship for his summer research project entitled, “De-Institutionalization Unfolding: The Ongoing Transition to Community Mental Health in Lima, Peru” ($6,000).
  • Courtney Canter was awarded the UNC Center for the Study of the American South’s Summer Research Grant for her project entitled, “Exploring the Logics of School Shooting Preparedness in K-12 Public Schools across Southern Florida” ($3,000).
  • Dayuma Alban been awarded  a dissertation fellowship from the Institute for the Study of the Americas to contribute toward the dissertation  write-up activities during the summer.
  • Achsah Dorsey was selected to receive a $15,000 Scholar Award from the P.E.O. Sisterhood for the 2019-2020 academic year. She was sponsored by Chapter X of Chapel Hill, NC.
  • Elizabeth Berger is planning to accept a tenure track position in Anthropology at UC Riverside.

Further achievements by our faculty:

  • Silvia Tomaskova received a Wenner-Gren grant (20K) to organize a workshop in 2020 in Cambridge, UK on “Animating Gender Archaeology” – the future of feminist archaeology.
  • Angela Stuesse and the UndocuCarolina team (Todd Ochoa, Emil Keme, Barbara Sostaita, Rubi Franco, Ricky Hurtado, Josmell Perez, and Raul Pinto) were selected for a $20,000 Critical Issues Award from UNC’s Humanities for the Public Good to continue building UndocuCarolina’s programming at UNC and in the broader community in 2019-2020.
  • Lorraine Aragon was invited to present a paper at the annual Cornell Modern Indonesia Project (CMIP) conference on “The State of Religious Pluralism in Indonesia,” April 12, 2019, Cornell University.
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