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May 7, 2018

Katie Barrett received a Royster award for the dissertation completion.

Ashley Peles was awarded fellowship support for dissertation completion.

Anusha Hariharan has been awarded an off-campus dissertation award.

David Cranford defended his dissertation and accepted a position in the Office of State Archaeology in Raleigh, NC.

Andrew Ofstehage defended his dissertation and accepted a postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University.

Cassandra Hartblay has been hired as Assistant Professor in Health Humanities & Anthropology at the U of Toronto.

Jocelyn Chua has been awarded a Wenner-Gren Post-PhD Research Grant for her project, “Chemical Warfare: Psychiatric Medications and Soldiering in America’s Post-9/11 Wars”.

Vin Steponaitis is slated to become the William E. Leuchtenburg Distinguished Professor effective July 1.

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