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Hannah Jahnke

August 29, 2017

PhD Graduate, Lindsay Bloch, is now collections manager for the ceramic technology lab and Florida collections at the University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History

Achsah Dorsey
  • Hannah Jahnke received an Off Campus fellowship and a NSF DDRI for her dissertation project, “Intergenerational Effects of Maternal Stress,”

Achsah Dorsey received an NSF DDRI (and a bunch of other smaller grants) for her dissertation project “Iron, infection, and malnutrition.”

In the wake of El Nino flooding in the Moche Valley, Peru in April, MOCHE, Inc provided emergency food assistance  to partner communities and organized a post-flood medical mission with the Physician’s Assistance program at Wagner College.  Over 1200 individuals in impacted communities received free medical treatment.

Guy Shalev

Guy Shalev has been awarded two postdocs – The Shapiro Postdoctoral Fellowship at Tel Aviv University, and The Lady Davis Postdoctoral Fellowship at the The Hebrew University (Declined). He has also won the Student Paper Prize from the Middle East Section (MES) of the AAA for the paper, “Helsinki in Zion: Ethics Committees and Political Gatekeeping in Israel/Palestine.”

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