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Updated April 11, 2016

UNC-Chapel Hill is a world-class research university that serves the people of the State of North Carolina by attracting and retaining the very best faculty, staff, and students from around the state, the country, and the world. However, the provisions of the recently passed HB2 would violate the mission and interests of UNC-CH by making it impossible to protect valued faculty, staff, and students from discrimination simply because of who they are. We are anthropologists: since the early years of the twentieth century, we have used our research and teaching to fight against bias and discrimination based on categories of race, ethnicity, class, gender and sexuality. HB2 dismantles local nondiscrimination laws and specifically excludes members of the LGBT community from legal protections.  We cannot be silent on HB2 and be true to our vocation. We ask our colleagues and fellow citizens to stand with us and urge the North Carolina General Assembly and the Governor of North Carolina to repeal HB2.

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