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April 25, 2016

UNC- CH Faculty Council voted on Friday April 15 to elect Vin Steponaitis as the 45th Secretary of the Faculty, an office that goes back to 1823.

Deans Jonathan Hartlyn and Kevin Guskiewicz have selected Margie Scarry as the next director of the Research Laboratories in Archaeology.

Anna Agbe-Davies has signed on to be the new Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Anthropology.

Colin West has been funding by the Explorations in Global Health grant program to support the project, “Exploring the Geography of Food Insecurity: Assessing sub‐National Patterns in West Africa”. ($5000)

Hsieh Chu-Wen just received. She got $6200 from the Interchange Association Japan Taiwan–the equivalent of the Japan Foundation that had been funding our Japan activities here.

Geoff Hughes was awarded a Summer Research Grant from the Center for the Study of the American South for his project “Producing Identity and Moravian Pottery at Lot 38, Old Salem, North Carolina” ($3,000).


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