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Students in one of Dale Hutchinson's courses on physical anthropology.
Students in one of Dale Hutchinson’s courses on physical anthropology.



For a complete list of undergraduate courses offered in anthropology, please see the most updated Undergraduate Bulletin.

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ANTH89 – Blackness and Racialization

The First Year Seminar Race, Racialization, and Blackness: A Multidimensional Perspective (ANTH 89), was designed to prepare students to think and talk intelligently about race. At the end of the semester students must demonstrate what they’ve learned, how their thinking on race has evolved, and what they can do with what they have learned. Here are several student presentations of their course learning.

Emma Rolader

Kate Rice

Casey West – ANTH89

Alex Baumeier

Phillippe Garay

Sanjana Rao

Crystal Villine