Student in Peru

As an anthropology major, we encourage you to consider enrolling in a study abroad program. These programs can offer direct experience of another culture, intensive language training, as well as excellent coursework in anthropology. By consulting with your departmental advisors as well as with UNC’s Study Abroad Office, you can assess the relevance of available programs to your interests and degree requirements. As part of your planning, you should talk to your advisor or the Director of Undergraduate Studies to arrange beforehand for transfer credit hours to count toward your anthropology major. Study abroad programs are often affordable even to students who require financial aid. Information about student loans and scholarships for the purpose of studying abroad can be readily obtained from UNC’s Study Abroad Office.

For information about study abroad programs, call the Study Abroad Office (919) 962-7002. Students may also wish to consult the Summer School about its own study abroad program. The Summer School telephone number is (919) 966-4364.