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There are three basic career routes for BA-level anthropology majors:

  • Anthropology majors have open to them all of the career options of any student with a bachelor of arts degree in the liberal arts and social sciences, with the added advantage that they surely are more prepared than most in the growing international arena of business, government, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). The resources and professional staff of University Career Services and the department’s director of undergraduate studies can provide guidance.
  • Anthropology majors can seek a career that puts their anthropology degree directly into practice.
  • Lastly, anthropology majors can continue with graduate education in order to seek a career in education, either as a social studies teacher in a school or a professor in a university.

Helpful resources:

Careers in Academic Anthropology – The Graduate School Route
University Career Services Office
The Anthropology Department’s Undergraduate Career Advisor