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Together, the Department of Anthropology’s programs and concentrations offer the undergraduate student one of the best introductions possible to our biological and cultural pasts and to our contemporary world. Anthropology majors thus develop the written and oral skills needed to live and work in a complex world marked by an accelerated rate of environmental, social, and cultural change. Anthropology majors also acquire general knowledge and skills valued within a large number of occupations and professions, including but not limited to professional anthropology.

Students planning a major in anthropology should inform the department’s director of undergraduate studies and should consult with the director of undergraduate studies on a regular basis once in the major. Undergraduate students may also be interested in courses within the Archaeology and Medical Anthropology programs, which are formally part of our graduate program.

For more details about our course offerings for the academic year, please visit the university’s Undergraduate Bulletin.

Fall into your major

*Please note that you may double-major in Anthropology and some other field. If you decide to enroll in anthropology as a second major, you should inform our department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Society of Undergraduate Anthropologists (SUA) is a student group on campus to bring together majors, minors and others who might be interested in anthropology.