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Phone: (919) 843-9920

Fax: (919) 962-1613
Office: 305C Alumni Hall

Area of Interest:

Physical Anthropology, Biomedical Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Native American Health, Epidemiologic Transition, Aging, Paleopathology, Paleoethnobotany, Traditional Medicines and Medicinal Plants, Human Evolution and Variation, Indian Reservation Community and Economic Development, NAGPRA, Plains Indian Tribes, Woodlands Indian Tribes, East African Pastoralists, Caribbean Populations, Kansas History and Prehistory


BGS Anthropology, The University of Kansas, 1993
MA Physical Anthropology, The University of Kansas, 1998
PhD Biomedical Anthropology, The University of Kansas, 2014

Research & Activities:

Healthy Kansas Tribes 2020 – Effort to establish health status goals and standards for the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas and the other resident Kansas tribes; Native Medicinal Plant Research Program – Broad-based search for medicinal compounds in plants native to the U.S. Great Plains; Kansas Medicinal Plant Conservation Project – Promote the importance of the biological diversity in Kansas as it relates to ecosystem health and as a source for new compounds useful to the food, pharmaceutical, herbal, cosmetic, and other industries; Prairie Band Potawatomi Diabetes Project – Development of a diabetes and chronic disease prevention and treatment program at a tribal clinic.

Selected Publications:

Kindscher K, Corbett SM, and Mcclure K (2013) A Statistical Analysis of Medicinal Plants: A Case Study of Plant Families in Kansas and the Great Plains. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science 116(3-4):49-67.

Gallagher RJ, Zhang H, Cao C-M, Cohen, MS, Corbett S, Kindscher K, and Timmermann BN (2013) Fruits of Physalis longifolia Inhibit Tumor Growth in Colorectal Cancer. Planta Medica 10(79):PN53.

Kindscher K, Timmermann BN, Zhang H, Gollapudi R, Corbett S, Samadi A, Cohen M (2012) Wild Tomatillos (Physalis species) as Food and Medicine. Planta Medica 11(78):IL32.

Kindscher K, Long Q, Corbett, S, Bosnak K, Loring H, Cohen M, and Timmermann B (2012) The Ethnobotany and Ethnopharmacology of Wild Tomatillos, Physalis longifolia Nutt., and Related Physalis Species: A Review. Economic Botany 66(3):298-310.

Corbett SM, and Drisko J (2011) Health Conditions among the Potawatomi Indians of Kansas in 1928. Plains Anthropologist. 56(219):191-218.

Corbett SM, Gray SJ, Campbell B, Leslie, PW. (2003) Comparison of Body Composition Among Settled and Nomadic Turkana of Kenya. Ecology of Food and Nutrition. 42:193-211.

Redford LJ, Corbett, S. (2002) A Guide to Resources for Rural Care Managers. Journal of Geriatric Care Management. 12(1): 22-27.

Selected Grants Received:

• Project LAUNCH, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), $573,592, 2014;
• Pre-Disaster Mitigation, Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), 4248,308, 2014;
• Indian Community Development Block Grant, Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), $541,600, 2013;
• .ki ka lo i. mi e ki. (The Kickapoo Trail), Sunflower Foundation, $54,995, 2013;
• Potawatomi Language and Revitalization Project, Administration for Native Americans (ANA), $270,567, 2012;
• The Kansas Medicinal Plant Education and Conservation Project, Kingsbury Family Foundation, $74,250, 2011;
• Using Traditional Foods and Sustainable Ecological Approaches to Prevent Diabetes among AI/AN Communities, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), $500,000, 2008.

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