Graduate Student



Office: Alumni Hall 410B

Bio of research interest: My research focus is in the factors of biology and culture which impact susceptibility to infectious disease. Specifically, I am interested in epigenetics and tuberculosis in Native American populations.


Wilbur, R., Corbett, S., Drisko, J. (2016). Tuberculosis morbidity at Haskell Institute, a Native American youth boarding school, 1910-1940: Impacts of historical and existing social determinants of health. Annals of Anthropological Practice. (accepted).

Wilbur, R., Stein, A., Pinzon, E., Ahmed, O., McNair, O., Ribisl, K. (2015). Smoke-free multiunit housing policy: Caretakers’ perspectives on economic and personal impacts. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 12(7): 8092-8102. PMID: 26184274

Buchbinder, M., Wilbur, R., McLean, S., Sleath, B. (2015). “Is there any way I can get something for my pain?” Patient strategies for requesting analgesics. Patient Education and Counseling 98(2): 137-143. PMID 25468395

Buchbinder, M., Wilbur, R., Zuskov, D., McLean, S., Sleath, B. (2014). Teachable moments and missed opportunities for smoking cessation counseling in a hospital emergency department: A mixed-methods study of patient provider communication. BMC Health Services Research 14(1):651. PMID:25526749.

Education background:

BA/BS University of Washington, 2011

MPH University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2015

PhD University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (in progress)