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Area of Interest:

Bioarchaeology, paleopathology, skeletal biology/osteology, changes in diet and health status, European archaeology.


B.S. Anthropology-Zoology, University of Michigan, 2009.

M.A. Archaeology (Bioarchaeology), Illinois State University, 2011. Thesis: Paleopathological Comparison of the Subadults from the Late Archaic and Late Mississippian Cultures of Tennessee and the Issue of Congenital Treponemal Disease.

Entered the program in 2011.

Selected Publications:

2011 Co-Association of subsistence strategy, non-specific infection and congenital defects of the deciduous dentition in pre-Columbian Tennessee. Poster presented at the 80th annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Minneapolis, MN.

2010 Developmental defects in hunter-gatherer and agriculturalist samples from prehistoric Tennessee. Paper presented at the Midwest Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology Association, Purdue, IN. (Co-authored with Dr. Maria O. Smith).