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Areas of Interest: Landscape archaeology, colonialism, livelihoods, food systems, agriculture, paleoethnobotany, material culture, cultural heritage, engaged and collaborative research.


B.A. Anthropology and Classical Archaeology, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2009

M.A. Anthropology, UNC-Chapel Hill, 2014


My dissertation research is part of the Proyecto Arqueológico Colaborativo del Oriente de Yucatán, a project conducted in collaboration with members of the community of Tahcabo in Yucatán, Mexico. My research used archaeological, ethnographic, and historical methods to understand how daily life and livelihoods changed for farmers throughout the Colonial period.

Selected Presentations:

McAnany, P. and M. Dedrick. (April 2016) “Rights to Land and Labor in Yucatán during Pre-Conquest and Colonial Times.” P. McAnany presented at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL.

Dedrick, M., P. McAnany, S. Rowe, and A. I. Batún Alpuche. (April 2015) “Learning Heritage While Teaching Archaeology at Tahcabo, Yucatán: Archaeologists’ Perspectives on the Opportunities and Risks of Local Community Engagement.” M. Dedrick presented at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, San Francisco.

Dedrick, M. and P. McAnany. (April 2014) “The Distributed Household: A Study of Plant and Mollusk Data from K’axob, Belize.” M. Dedrick presented at the Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Austin, TX.

Recent Publications:

Dedrick, Maia. 2018. “Photovoice as a Method for the Development of Collaborative Archaeological Practice.” Journal of Community Archaeology & Heritage 5(2): 85-100.

Novotny, Claire and Maia Dedrick. 2018. “Ethnography and Qualitative Methods in the Field.” The Encyclopedia of Archaeological Sciences. Editor: Sandra L. López Varela. Wiley-Blackwell.

Nungsari, Melati, Maia Dedrick, and Shaily Patel. 2017. “Team Teaching an Interdisciplinary First-Year Seminar on Magic, Religion, and the Origins of Science: A ‘Pieces-to-Picture’ Approach.” Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning 17(1): 24-36.

Batún Alpuche, Adolfo Iván, Patricia A. McAnany, and Maia Dedrick. 2017. “Tiempo y paisaje en Tahcabo, Yucatán,” Arqueología Mexicana 145: 66-71.