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Area of Interest:

Socio-political transformations and transitions in ancient Peru, materialization of power, formation of new polities, iconographic discourses

Research & Activities:

Entered the program in 2002.

Education: Pontifica Universidad Catolica del Peru, BA.

Research Interests: My main research has been focused on the study of the process of socio-political transformations in the Jequetepeque-Chaman Valley in the north coast of Ancient Peru during the Transitional Period (IX-X century), between the collapse of the local Moche polity and the arise of the Lambayeque state. In particular, my interest is paying special attention on the reconstruction of the mechanisms for the materialization of power and authority driven by the Jequetepeque elite agents in order to re-create a new regional socio-political network. Furthermore, I am trying to explain how the local leaders may have played a fundamental role in the formation of a new polity in the northern Lambayeque Valley during this period. This research study has been developed as part of the investigations of the San Jose de Moro Archaeological Project, directed by Luis Jaime Castillo (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú).
I am also interested in the connections between the coastal and the highland groups in the process of state formation and development of the Moche polity through the study of their iconographic discourses.

Publications and Major Papers:
Rucabado, Julio and Luis Jaime Castillo

2003  “El periodo Transicional en San Jose de Moro” In: Moche: Hacia el final del Milenio. Vol. I. Santiago Uceda and Elias Mujica eds. Pp.15-42. Universidad Nacional de Trujillo and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Fondo Editorial 2003.
Makowski, Krysztof and Julio Rucabado

2000  “Hombres y Deidades en la Iconografía Recuay”. In: Los Dioses del Antiguo Perú. Vol. I. Colección Arte y Tesoros del Perú. Banco de Crédito del Perú.