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Areas of interest: African American performance cultures, Ethnography, Ethnomusicology, battle rap, Marginality, Intersectionality, subcultures, subversiveness, alternative economies, music and technology, Economies of Dignity, Urban America

Education: B.A. Sociology (Cultural Anthropology emphasis) and History, University of Missouri- Kansas City, 2017

Professional Background:
Jordan received his bachelor’s degree in Sociology and History from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in December of 2017.
In the interim between graduating in December 2017 and beginning graduate school at the University of North Carolina in July of 2018, he served as the Senior Student Recruitment Specialist for the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.  In this role he was able to continue exploring his passion for higher education, while also beginning to develop his pedagogical philosophy by working with high school students from a variety of backgrounds across the Kansas City metropolitan area.
His current work focuses on battle rap as a performative, African-American-originated subculture.  Much of this entails thinking through the groundwork, both theoretically and practically, of an ethnographic inquiry into the world of contemporary battle rap in America.  More specifically, he is interested in exploring battle rap’s position at the confluence points of: identity formation and tactics of making do among marginalized peoples, redefinition of and a way to attain economic success, and technology as it relates to cultural production.