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Phone: (919) 962-8374

Areas of Interest:

Population demography in human evolution, paleoecology, modern human adaptation and variation, reticulate evolution and hybridization, origins of the genus Homo, acceleration in human evolution, Neandertals, phylogenetic systematics, computational phylogenetics.


Ph.D., Tulane University, 2016 (anticipated)

M.A. Tulane University, 2013

B.A. California State University, Sacramento, 2007


Research and Activities:

My research has focused on applying computational phylogenetic methods to the hominin fossil record.  Specifically, I am interested in exploring the potential for interspecific hybridization between hominin species by employing novel analytic methods borrowed from evolutionary biology and bioinformatics.  Additionally, I am interested in how these methods may useful in understanding relationships between closely related extant primates.

I am also interested in paleoecology, paleodemography and climate change during the late Pleistocene, and recently finished a project involving Pleistocene population density and LGM habitable land area calculations in the Old World.  I am currently using similar methods to study habitable land area and population demography during periods of climatic extreme in the New World.

Selected Publications:

Gautney JG, Holliday TW. 2015. New Estimations of Habitable Land Area and Human Population Size at the Last Glacial Maximum. Journal of Archaeological Science. 58:103-112

Holliday TW, Gautney JR, Friedl, L. 2014. Right for the Wrong Reasons: Reflections on Modern Human Origins in the Post-Neandertal Genome Era. Current Anthropology. 55(6): 696-724.