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Area of Interest:

Sociocultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies, Digital Culture, Youth Culture, Affect, Precarious Youth, Temporality and Hope, Globalization, South Korea and East Asia.


Present – PhD Candidate in Anthropology, UNC Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US
(Graduate Certificate in Cultural Studies)
2007 – MA in Sociology, Yonsei University, Seoul, S. Korea.
2004 – BA in French Education at Hankuk Univ. of Foreign Studies, Seoul, S. Korea.
(2nd major in Journalism and Mass Communications)

Selected Publications:

2013 – “The Emergence of Youth Yingyeo (Superfluity) Generation and the Issue of Temporality in the Low-productive Korea & Japan”. In Creative Commons: Live and Revitalize Creative Community (p.136-145). Limited Edition for the Symposium, {The Intellectual Community with Friendship and Hospitality: Commemorating Professor Cho, Hae-joang’s Retirement} (Nov 02, 2013).

2008 – “Fabulous Single and Doenjangnyo (Soybean Paste Woman): The Politics of Consumption of Single Career Women in their 20s and 30s”, Social Issues, Vol. 15: 41-67, Korea Social Research Center, Seoul, S. Korea.

2007 – The Politics of Consumption of Single Career Women in their 20s and 30s with Advanced Degrees, MA Thesis, Yonsei University, Seoul, S. Korea.

2006 – “From ‘Cold Modern’ to ‘Warm Modern’: Ways of Communication between ‘Hot’, ‘Cool’, and ‘Warm’ Generations”, Cho, Hae-Joang (et al.), Family to School, School to Village: Community of Caring and Learning, Alternative Culture Press, Seoul, S. Korea.