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Graduate Student

Email: cdmullin at


Areas of Interest: Middle Woodland archaeology; Hopewell ceremonialism and exchange; Hopewell Interaction Sphere; public archaeology.


2016 BA in Anthropology and Classical Studies – Indiana University

Research & Activities:

My research interests lie broadly in understanding the Hopewell Interaction Sphere and its implications on the ceremonialism and religion of Middle Woodland Ohio through analyses of exchange networks of exotic goods, particularly obsidian. In the future, I aim to conduct research at the Portsmouth Earthworks in Portsmouth, Ohio to both add to the store of knowledge on Scioto Valley earthworks and how they were used, and to engage the public that now lives and interacts with these earthworks in the research conducted there. My archaeological experience largely stems from my intermittent summer employment at Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, which drives my desire to understand the Hopewell and educate the public on their great culture. (For more on the park, visit our website:

Public Presentations:

2016 Mann and The Hopewell Interaction Sphere: A Gateway Between East and West. Poster presented at the Ohio Archaeological Council’s Third Hopewell Conference, Chillicothe, OH.

2015 Prehistoric Gold: Obsidian Procurement, Use, and Meaning in Hopewell and Prehistoric Aegean Cultures. Poster presented at the Midwest Archaeological Conference, Milwaukee, WI.

2015 Revamping Comparative Collections at the GBL. Public lecture given at the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology, Bloomington, IN.

2014 Rehousing the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology Comparative Collections. Poster presented at the Midwest Archaeological Conference, Champaign-Urbana, IL.