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Email: annafg at

Phone: None

Office: Smith04

Office hours: Mondays 12:30pm-2:30pm

Areas of Interest:

Paleoethnobotany; Southeastern U.S. Archaeology; Food and Identity; Landscape Studies; Lower Mississippi Valley


B.A. Archaeology, Tufts University-2014; M.A. Anthropology- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill-2018


I am an archaeologist working in the southeastern U.S. who uses plant remains to investigate past subsistence and environmental practices. My dissertation research focuses on several mound sites in southwestern Mississippi that date to the Coles Creek (AD 750-1200) and Plaquemine (AD 1200-1730) periods. These mound sites were used as communal spaces where people would come to gather, perform ceremonies, and eat together. I am interested in the use of food in these spaces; specifically, I am investigating how food choice and preparation style for communal meals can reflect a shared cuisine and identity.