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303B Alumni Hall

Area of Interest:

Latin American Studies, Environmental Justice, Political Ecology, Medical Anthropology, Health and Inequality, Measurement and Documentation, Oil, Gender, Ecuador and the Amazon


Bowdoin College, B.A. Latin American Studies and Gender Studies


For the past 40 years, the northeastern corner of the Ecuadorian Amazon has been the site of intensive oil operations, resulting in widespread harm to human health and the environment. Living with oil and its associated harms has become a way of life for many people in this area of the Amazon. In response to problems associated with oil, state, non-governmental, and scientific entities have gathered to conduct numerous investigations trying to certify the consequences of oil production. These various interventions, along with oil, have become an important feature of life in the Amazon today. By following residents, activists, scientists, and educators as they engage in practices of mapping, measuring, photographing, and documenting harm, the goal of this research is to elicit how harm from oil is identified, given shape, and contested in practice.