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Achsah Dorsey has received the Fulbright Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Fellowship, a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, the Lewis and Clark Grant for Exploration and Field Research from the American Philosophical Society, a Sigma Xi Scientific Society Grant in Aid of Research, and the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute James J. Gallagher Dissertation Award.

Achsah will spend the academic year in Lima, Peru collecting data in Peruvian clinics and households in order to explore the biological and cultural connections between iron deficiency and infection, the gut microbiome, and home environment in children living in a peri-urban community in Lima.

Areas of Interest:

Human Biology, Sex Differences, Maternal and Child Health and Well-Being, Life History Theory, Nutrition, and Maternal Mental Health


Pennsylvania State University, B.S. in Biological Anthropology, 2011
University of Alabama, M.A. in Anthropology, 2014


My research explores sex differences in health and well-being through differences in biological susceptibility as well as differential exposure (specifically nutrition and maternal mental health).