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Gone from here, but certainly not forgotten! We thank them for their contributions to our department.

If your information has changed, please email with updates.


Walthall, John1973Chief Archaeologist, Illinois Department of Transportation (retired)
Abbott-Jamieson, Susan1974Associate Professor, University of Kentucky
Axelrod, Paul 1975Chair of Anthropology, Ripon College
Oettinger, Marion 1975Curator of Latin American Art and the former Kelso Director of the San Antonio Museum of Art
Neely, Sharlotte1976Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Northern Kentucky University, KY
Crawford, Gary1979Professor, University of Toronto Mississauga, Ontario and Royal Society of Canada Fellow
Anderson, Jon1980Professor Emeritus, Catholic University of America
Krieger, Laurie1984Senior Advisor, Health and Social Science at The Manoff Group
Price, Laurie1985Professor of Anthropology, Cal State East Bay
Toumey, Chris1987Research Associate Professor in the Center for Environmental Nanoscience & Risk at the University of South Carolina
Kipnis, Andrew1991Professor and Chair, Australian National University
Daniel, Randolph, Jr. 1994Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology, East Carolina University
Linder, Fletcher1995Professor of Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies, Department of Anthropology, James Madison University, VA
Lassiter, Wanda 1995Curator, Museum of the Albemarle, Elizabeth City, NC
Lassiter, Eric1995Director of Graduate Humanities Program, Marshall University, WV
Wallace, Susan1995Director of Research, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore
Maher, Thomas1996Archaeologist, Tennessee Valley Authority
Thompson, Brian1996NAVFAC Atlantic GIS Program Manager, US Navy
Levinson, Bradley1996Professor of Education and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology and Latino Studies, University of Indiana — Bloomington, IN
Henry, Rebecca R.1996Scientific Review Officer, Center for Scientific Review
Carnes-McNaughton, Linda1997Archaeologist and Curator, Directorate of Public Works, Department of Army, NC
Benjamin, Alan1997Lecturer & Undergraduate Studies Officer, Jewish Studies Program, Penn State, PA
Guma, Mthobeli Phillip1997Lecturer of Anthropology, University of Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa
Jia, Huanguang1997Research Health Scientist, Center of Innovation on Disability & Rehabilitation Research, US Department of Veterans Affairs
Smith-Nonini, Sandy1998Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, UNC – Chapel Hill, NC
Gottovi, Nancy1998Executive Director, Central Park NC, NC
Smith, Jennie1998Professor of Anthropology, Berry College, Rome, GA
Flowerday, Julie1998Research Professional, RTP, NC
Poncelet, Eric1998Vice President/Senior Environmental Mediator, Kearns & West, CA
Eastman, Jane1999Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Western Carolina University, NC
Moore, David G.1999Crew Supervisor, Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Warren Wilson College, NC
Bon-Harper, Sara1999Executive Director, Ash Lawn-Highland (Home of President James Monroe), University of William and Mary, VA
Aldred, Jo Elisabeth1999Professor, Office of Lifeling Learning, Duke University, NC
Samford, Patricia2000Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Coffman, Jennifer2000Associate Executive Director of International Programs, James Madison University, VA
Wise, Alicia2000Director of Access and Policy at Elsevier, London, UK
Schaefer, Kimberly A2001Archaeobotantist, Illinois State Archaeological Survey, U. of Illinois
Jones, Carla2001Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Colorado -- Boulder, CA
Langwick, Stacey2001Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Cornell University, NY
Shaw, Susan2001Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Arizona, AZ
Tucker, Bram2001Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia, GA
Bahta, Senait2001Faculty, Department of Anthropology at the University of Asmara, Eritrea.
Driscoll, Elizabeth2001Family Nurse Practitioner & Term Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, University of Alaska -- Anchorage, AK
Van Deventer, Elizabeth2001Owner, Davis Creek Organic Farm, Lovingston, VA
Takacs, Jeffrey2001Teaching in Taipei, Taiwan
Guldbrandsen, Thaddeus2001Vice Provost for Research and Engagement, Social Science Department, Plymouth Sstate University, NH
Bartlett, Lesley2001Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Braitberg, Victor2002Assistant Professor, University of Arizona Honors College  & Assistant Professor in the School of Anthropology, University of Arizona, AZ
Camp, G. David2002Interdisciplinary Faculty Member, College of the Atlantic, ME
Greene, Alison2002Lecturer, Sociology and Anthropology Department, NC State University, NC
Herbert, Joseph2003Research Associate Archaeologist, Cultural Resources Management Program, Fort Bragg
Watkins, Rachel2003Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, American University, Washington, DC
Kakaliouras, Ann2003Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Whittier College, CA
Vanderwarker, Amber2003Department Chair, UC Santa Barbara, Department of Anthropology
Wang, Jun2003President, Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, CA
Seagle, Charles2003Program Evaluator and Teacher, Guilderland School District, NY
Maxham, Mintcy2003Veterinarian, Peaks View Animal Hospital, Lynchburg, VA
Tung, Tiffiny2004Assocaite Professor & Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Anthropology, Vanderbilt University, TN
Rodning, Chris2004Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Tulane University, LA
Gibson, Robert2004Associate Professor, Medical College of Georgia, GA
Chivens, Thomas2004Lecturer IV and Undergraduate Advisor, Department of Anthropology, University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor, MI
Galloway, Patricia2004Professor, School of Information, University of Texas -- Austin, TX
Burnet, Jennie2005Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department, University of Louisville, KY
Karchmer, Eric2005Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Appalachian State University, NC
Boudreaux, Tony2005Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, East Carolina University, NC
Williamson, Kenneth2005Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Anthropology, Kennesaw State University, GA.
Wilson, Gregory2005Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of California – Santa Barbara, CA
McNeil, Bryan2005Faculty, American University, Washington, DC
Hassett, Miranda K.2005Rector, St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church, Madison, WI
Hollenbach, Kandace Detwiler2005Research Assistant Professor, Archaeological Research Laboratory, University of Tennessee -- Knoxville, TN
David, Marc2005Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology and English, St. Olaf College
El Hadidi, Hager`2006Assistant Professor, Anthropology Department, California State University - Bakersfield, CA
Gagnon, Celeste2006Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Wagner College, NY
Haldeman, Kaaren2006Director, North Carolina Chapter, Moms Demand Action: for gun sense in America, NC
Marcoux, John2008Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Auburn University, AL
De Vries, Daniel H.2008Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology & Centre for Social Science and Global Health, University of Amsterdam
Murray, Seth2008Teaching Associate Professor & Director, International Studies Program, NC State University, NC
Michie, Marsha Mabry2010Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, University of California -- San Francisco, CA
Killgrove, Kristina2010Assistant Professor, University of West Florida, FL
Osterwiel, Michal2010Lecturer/Director of Internships, Global Studies, UNC-CH, NC
Morgan, Karie Louise2010Postdoctoral Fellow, Humanities and Historical Studies, University of Johannesburg, South Africa
Mortensen, Amy M2010Senior Program Co-Chair, Association for Feminist Anthropology
Carse, Ashley2011Assistant Processor of Human and Organizational Development, Vanderbilt, University, TN (beginning 2016)
Powell, Dana Elizabeth2011Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Appalachian State University, NC
Jun, EuyRyung2011Assistant Professor, Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea
Hersh, Carie Little2011Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Northeastern University, MA
Shebalin, Theresa2011Science Teacher, Durham Academy, NC
Plane, Mark R2011Teacher, Bangor, ME
Drew, Georgina2011Undergraduate Anthropology Coordinator, University of Adelaide, Australia
Fariss, Matthew2012Archaeologist, Tribal Historic Preservation Office, Osage Nation
Umashankar, Rachana Rao2012Assistant Professor of Islamic Stuidies and Religions of India, Religious Studies Department, Iona College, NY
Lowry, David2012Associate Professor of Anthropology at Biola University (Los Angeles)
Ringberg, Jennifer2012Lecturer, Anthropology Department, California State University - Stanislaus
Meyer, William J., Jr.2012Title III Professional Development Coordinator & Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at Villa Maria College in Buffalo, NY
Johannesson, Erik G.2012Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, Pacific Lutheran University, WA
Esarey, Duane2013Assistant Director, Illinois State Archaeological Survey, Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, IL
Becker, Sara2013Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology - University of California, Riverside
Reeves, Marianne2013Lecturer, Case Western Reserve University
Bradley, Laurel20142015-2016 Science and Technology Policy Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Suit, Natalia2014Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies and Language, King University, VA
Wagner, Laura2014Archivist, Radio Haiti Project, Duke Library
Kassabaum, Meg2014Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Assistant Curator for North America Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania, PA
O'Connell, Caela2014Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Gomez-Correal, Diana Marcela2015Anthropology Department, Universidad Javeriana, Bogota & Gender Department, Mayor of Bogota
Juengst, Sara2015Assistant Professor at UNC Charlotte
Hartblay, Cassandra2015Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, University of Toronto Scarborough -- Canada
Novotny, Claire2015Program Director, InHerit: Passed to Present
Westermeyer, William2016Visiting Asst. Professor of Anthropology at High Point University - High Point, NC
Gallareta Cervera, Tomas2016Visiting Asst. Professor of Anthropology at Kenyon College - Gambier, Ohio
Gutierrez-Escobar, Laura2016Department of Anthropology and Sociology at Universidad del Rosario and Research Associate at Universidad Minuto de Dios, Bogota, Colombia.
Williams, Justine MacKesson2017Managing Director of the Cuba Platform of the Atlantic Fellow Program at the Center for Democracy in the Americas
Berger, Liz2017Postdoctoral Fellow at the Lieberthal-Rogel Center for Chinese Studies at the University of Michigan
Ofstehage, Andrew2018Postdoctoral fellowship at Cornell University
Cranford, David2018Office of State Archaeology in Raleigh, NC
Powell, Jami2018Associate Curator of Native American Art at the Hood Museum at Dartmouth University
Nebie, Elisabeth2018Post-doctoral researcher at the Earth Institute, Columbia University
Dedrick, Maia2019Hirsch Postdoctoral Associate at Cornell University
Delgaty, Aaron2020Head Brewer, Hatchet Brewing Co
Dorsey, Achsah2020Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Jahnke, Hannah2020IRTA Postdoctoral Fellow at the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences
Thomas, Eric2020Lecturer, Departments of Environmental Conservation and Geography, University of Massachusetts - Amherst