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Students must be registered full-time to be eligible for tuition remissions.

Effective Fall 1999, a full-time student is one who meets either one of the following two conditions:

1. Registers for 9 or more credit hours in a semester.

2. Registers for a minimum of 3 hours of 392, 393, 394 in a semester. A student may register
for additional courses as needed, but must register for a minimum of 3 hours of 392, 393, 394 to
be considered full-time.


UNC STUDENT CENTRAL is the registration system. Instructions for using this system are listed below:

Access web registration at UNC Student Central.

Enter your ONYEN and password in the provided field and press “submit.”

Enter your PIN number in the provided field and choose the appropriate semester from the pull-down menu, the press “GO.”

To ADD, you may use either the Course ID or the Call # shown under “Registration Options” to register for courses.  Course ID’s and Call #’s can be found in the Directory of Classes.  Example:  ANTH101 or 12345

To DROP a course, click on the button next to the course displayed under your schedule, and then click on the submit button located at the bottom of the “Registration Options” section.  Note:  Until you have registered for at least one class, no schedule appears under the schedule section.

To SEARCH, you must enter course information using the Course ID convention as indicated above.  After you enter the subject abbreviation, tab to the next block and enter the course number.  The system then displays sections of the course that will fit your schedule, sections of the course that you can waitlist, and sections of the course that have open seats, but do not fit your schedule.  The nbr. column on the list of sections that you can waitlist denotes the number of persons currently on that section’s waitlist.

To EXIT the system, you should click on “File” in the upper left corner of your screen and then click on “Exit”, or click on the “X” in the upper right-hand corner of your browser.  For security reasons, you do not want to use the “Back” button on your browser to exit the system.  Never get up from a public workstation and leave your schedule on the screen or your web registration session active.

PLEASE NOTE:  The web registration system times out in 10 minutes if no activity occurs during your session.  If 10 minutes passes with no activity (no drops, adds, waitlist, searches for courses), you will be returned to the sign-on page of Student Central.

Registration Process

1) An email message directing students to Student Central for registration information is sent to all continuing, new, transfer, and readmitted students prior to registration priority appointment dates each semester.  As new, transfer, or readmitted students are cleared for admission to the University; and email message will be sent at that time.

The following registration information can be found on Student Central:

*  Registration appointment date/time
*  University stop information
*  PIN, if applicable (based on School/Department policy)
*  Adviser Approval Block, if applicable (based on School/Department policy)
*  Address update

2) If a STOP is reflected under the stop section of Student Central, the student must clear the stop with the office listed before they will be able to register.

3) Students must plan their schedule.  Course information is available through the online services of the University Registrar.

4) Students must have their Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is a four-digit number used as a password that permits them to register.  Students cannot register through the registration system without entering their PIN.  Obtain your Personal Identification Number (PIN) from Dr. Donald Nonini, who is also Director of Graduate Studies and can assist you in planning your course schedule.   Academic Advising in the College of Arts and Sciences and General College – click here.

5)  Students may register via the web at Student Central.  They will need to know their ONYEN and password (PIN).  Students may use the registration system anytime on or after their appointment date to add, drop, or inquire, waitlist or see a listing of classes while the system is operating.  Students cannot try to access the system before their assigned appointment date as the system will not allow any transactions before they are scheduled to register.

6)  Students must pay or defer their tuition and fees before the payment deadline.  If Tuition and Fees are not paid or deferred by the deadline, their registration will be canceled and all courses dropped.  If students register during the billing period, a bill will be mailed to their Grade/Billing Address.  If they plan to register after the billing period, they must prepay or show proof of finanical aid prior to registering for the semester.  See the Registrar’s Calendar for payment deadlines for the appropriate semester.


For graduate students, the normal grade is “P” (Pass) but exceptionally fine work may earn an “H” (Honors), barely passing work an “L” (Low Pass), and failing work an “F” (Failure). The graduate student is automatically expelled if one receives an F or a total of three L’s. If one is expelled, one may petition the department for readmission. A student may ask the Instructor for the “Inc.” (Incomplete) if it appears that the student cannot complete coursework by the deadlines set by the Instructor, or by the time final grades are due. It is the Instructor’s right to refuse to grant the “Inc.” Even if the student is granted an “Inc.” one must remember that it will automatically revert to an “F” after one year (see Graduate School Handbook). One should be aware that “Incompletes” on a record may hurt one’s chances of receiving a high rating in faculty evaluations which result in decisions as to who will receive financial aid. No student may graduate with an “Inc.” on his or her record.

The grade “S” (Satisfactory) is a temporary grade in all courses except Anth 393 (Thesis) and Anth 394 (Dissertation), and should be replaced with a “H”, “P” or “L” before graduation. Failure to do so will result in the student’s not receiving the degree. A student with a grade of “S” in Anth 393 or Anth 394 receives credit hours for that course and may graduate with that grade unchanged.

Students who fail to take a final examination in a course are given the grade “AB” (Absent). The absence must be excused by the Dean of the Graduate School before the instructor can submit a change of grade form. If the absence is not excused within 30 days of the exam, the grade automatically becomes an F which makes the student ineligible to remain in graduate school.