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Ariana Avila

July 31, 2019

Area of Interest care; farmworker health; the US South; food sovereignty; U.S. immigration status Education PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2024 MPH in Health Education and Communication, Tulane University School of Public Health … Read more

Julio Villa-Palomino

June 19, 2018

Office: 410B Concentration: Sociocultural/Medical Research: Julio is interested in mental health, psychiatry, and care. His project focuses on psychiatry, the state, and the current community mental health reform in Peru. Julio studies how the community mental health model is translated … Read more

Ann Suk

June 19, 2018

Office: Alumni 402

Sierra Roark

June 15, 2017

Research interests: paleoethnobotany, historical archaeology, foodways, traditional medicine, culture contact, environmental archaeology, Eastern United States  Educational History: BA The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, 2017  

Julio Gutierrez

June 15, 2017

Office: Alumni Hall 402 AREAS OF INTEREST Financialization and Urban Development; Land and Water politics; Anthropology of the State; El Salvador and Central America EDUCATION M.A. Latin American Studies, University of Texas at Austin B.A. Economics, University of Texas at … Read more