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Sean Taylor

July 6, 2022

Office: 303D Alumni Before joining the UNC anthropology department, I completed my undergraduate in Winemaking and Viticulture at Cal Poly on the Central Coast of California(2013) and my masters in the Anthropology of Food at the University of London SOAS(2022).  … Read more

Preethi Saravanan

July 6, 2022

Office: 303D Education 2021    B.S. in Genomics and Molecular Genetics with Honors,  Michigan State University I am a biological anthropologist interested in studying human health in minority/underrepresented communities. During my undergraduate career at Michigan State, I interned with UTHealth … Read more

Devin A. Henson

July 6, 2022

Office: Smith 05 Areas of Interest Eastern and midwestern North America, Early through Late Woodland periods, lithic technology, paleoethnobotany, social organization and societal change, social context of archaeological theory Education B.A. in Archaeology with Departmental Honors, The College of Wooster, … Read more

Julia Mackessy

June 29, 2021

Office: 303A Alumni I am a third-year PhD student in the biological anthropology program here at UNC. My advisor is Dr. Amanda Thompson, and I also work closely with Dr. Mark Sorensen and Dr. Morgan Hoke. I got my B.A. … Read more