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Aalyia Sadruddin

July 1, 2021

Office: Alumni 401B Areas of Interest Medical Anthropology; Aging; Care; Disability; Demographic Transitions; Emergent Biomedical Technologies; Health; Political Culture; Violence; Contemporary Social Theory; Paraethnography; Storytelling; Africa, with a special focus on Rwanda. Education Ph.D., Anthropology, Yale University, 2020 M.A., Sociology … Continued

Caela O’Connell

August 22, 2019

Office: Alumni 413A Environmental anthropology; human-environment relationships; socio-ecological interdependencies; risk; crisis; change; anthropologies of water, economics, disaster, and engagement; interdisciplinary and mixed research methodologies; food and agricultural studies; rural and agrarian communities; the Caribbean and the Americas    

Jocelyn Lim Chua

March 18, 2019

Associate Professor Email: jlchua(@) Phone: (919) 962-1145 Office: 307 Alumni Building Click here to schedule a meeting Academia Page Areas of Interest: Anthropologies and politics of health and well-being; psychological anthropology; sociocultural anthropology; critical military studies; mental health and illness; … Continued

Charles Hilton

August 31, 2018

Education: Ph.D., Biological Anthropology, University of New Mexico, 1997 M.P.H., Epidemiology, University of Michigan, 2013 Research Interests: Human evolutionary anatomy Postcranial evolution of the genus Homo Hunter-gatherer and pastoralist behavioral ecology Human paleopathology Epidemiology Courses Taught: Introduction to Anthropology Modern … Continued

Florence E Babb

January 12, 2018

Fax: (919) 962-1613 Office: 407 Alumni Hall Area of Interest: Cultural/economic/feminist anthropology; gender, race, and sexuality; critical development studies; urbanization in the global South; tourism studies; Latin American studies; Central Andes, Central America. Education: PhD, State University of New York … Continued

Rachel Briggs

July 11, 2017

Office: 409B Education: 2017 Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Alabama Dissertation: From Bitter Seeds: The Role of the Hominy Foodway in the Early History of Moundville. Chairs: Vernon J. Knight, Jr., and Ian W. Brown; Committee members: William Dressler, C. Margaret … Continued

Angela Stuesse

July 5, 2016

Website: Fax: 919-962-1613 Office: Alumni Hall 413C Areas of Interest: Neoliberal globalization; race, ethnicity, and identity; migration; human rights; labor; methodologies of activist research; the U.S. South and Southwest; Latino and Latin America; Equatorial Guinea Education: Ph.D., Anthropology, University Texas, Austin … Continued