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Professor Benjamin Arbuckle in Science Magazine

September 21, 2020 Dr. Benjamin Arbuckle’s article on horse domestication was mentioned in Science Magazine – To read the whole paper, click here  

Department Celebrations

Further achievements by our graduate students: Bryan Dougan and his coauthors have published a new, open access paper entitled: “Looking at Myself in the Future”: how mentoring shapes scientific identity for STEM students from underrepresented groups.” It can be found … Continued

Graduate Students Earn AAA Awards

Two Anthropology graduate students have earned awards from the American Anthropology Association. Carole H Browner Latin American Studies Fellowship Fund for Travel – Julio Villa Palomino Minority Dissertation Fellowship – Ampson Hagan  Congratulations Ampson and Julio!!

Anthropology Graduate Student, Vaia Signounas, featured in UNC’s Center for Urban and Regional Studies article

After graduating from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, Vaia Sigounas trained as a surgeon and became increasingly aware of the limitations and possibilities of biomedicine. She came back to UNC to get a PhD in medical anthropology … Continued

Caela O’Connell, Environmental Anthropologist, research feature

What a world in crisis can learn from disaster-struck communities How will COVID-19 affect the already vulnerable coastal communities preparing for the 2020 hurricane season? Environmental anthropologist Caela O’Connell unwraps this question in her new research project. Click here for the … Continued

Professor Karla Slocum Article

Anthropology professor Karla Slocum recently had an article published – to read her piece “Black Towns and The Freedom to Breathe”, click here.

Their lives Matter

Anthropologist Angela Stuesse has researched the poultry and meat processing plants for years. With over 1,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in these plants in NC, Stuesse notes the already precarious positions the workers are in. Read more:

UNC-CH Anthropology Class of 2020!

UNC Graduate Recognition Celebration!  

Animals that Fueled the World

April 16, 2020 This reading delves into the experiences of two of our researchers, Benjamin Arbuckle and Heather Lapham, within their field of zooarchaeology. To read more, click here.

Department Celebrations

April 6, 2020 Further achievements by our graduate students: · Maja Jeranko received a fellowship for her project, “Building Equitable Futures: A Photovoice Study of Gender in Post-Earthquake Coastal Ecuador,” which she will complete in partnership with A Mano Manaba … Continued

Anthropology Grad Students receive Community Engagement Fellowships

April 1, 2020 Congratulations to Anthropology graduate students Maja Jeranko and Rachel Wilbur for recently receiving the community engagement fellowships! Maja Jeranko received a fellowship for her project, “Building Equitable Futures: A Photovoice Study of Gender in Post-Earthquake Coastal Ecuador,” which she will complete … Continued

Department Celebrations

March 4, 2020 Professor Donald M. Nonini and Ida Susser published The Tumultuous Politics of Scale: Unsettled States, Migrants, Movements in Flux. Achsah Dorsey has accepted a tenure-track position in the Anthropology Dept at U Mass-Amherst Vaia Sigounas has received a … Continued

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