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August 20, 2019

To keep updated on Associate Professor Angela Stuesse’s thoughts on the recent immigration raids in Mississippi and other items, follow her Facebook page here.

Update September 13, 2019:


Op Eds 

Stuesse, Angela.  2019. “Workplace Raids are Not the Answer.” The Progressive. August 20.

Stuesse, Angela.  2019. “The poultry industry recruited them. Now ICE raids are devastating their communities.” The Washington Post. August 9.


Media Appearances

2019      Mississippi Today. “Chicken plants conspired to keep wages low at Southern plants, federal lawsuit alleges.” September 5.

2019      Jackson Free Press. “‘Hispanic project’ seeded dangerous poultry jobs.” September 4.

2019      1A (NPR). “Undocumented but in demand: immigration and labor in America.” September 3.

2019      Chicago Tribune. “Chicken-factory employees in the U.S. illegally work in fear. Their employers, not so much.” September 3.

2019      Latino Media Collective. “Mississippi’s Latino Community.” August 30.

2019      City Watch. “As California knows, workplace raids are not the answer.” August 22.

2019      Your Call (KAWL, San Francisco Public Radio). “The Recent MS ICE Raids & Big Ag’s Exploitation of Immigrant Workers.” August 21.

2019      Los Angeles Times. “A Mississippi church counts its missing after ICE raids: ‘This is a very dark moment.’” August 19.

2019      Slate. “After ICE.” August 18.

2019      AJ+. “Life after the biggest immigration raid in a decade.” August 18.

2019      Le Monde. “Morton, Mississippi, ville dévastée par les raids contre les travailleurs sans papiers.” August 17.

2019      EmbraceRace. “Recruited to, then Deported from, Mississippi.” August 17.

2019      The Atlantic. “Why It’s Immigrants Who Pack Your Meat.” August 16.

2019      West Virginia Public Broadcasting. “The poultry plant that’s changed the face of this Appalachian town.” August 15.

2019      Telemundo. “ICE arrestó a cientos de migrantes en esta fábrica. Ahora los estadounidenses quieren trabajar allí.” August 15.

2019      West Virginia Public Broadcasting. “This rural teacher is working to bridge divides between migrant workers and her community.” August 15.

2019      Philadelphia Inquirer. “That heartless Mississippi ICE raid also revealed the cruelty behind modern U.S. capitalism.” August 13.

2019      Chicago Tribune. “Tras redadas en plantas de Mississippi, buscan llenar plazas.” August 13.

2019      The Times. “If immigration officials cracked down on poultry plant leaders, workforce may look different.” August 13.

2019      Here & Now (WBUR, Boston’s NPR News Station). “A history of Hispanic immigrants in Mississippi’s poultry industry.” August 12.

2019      Saporta Report. “Across the rural South, chicken plants become a social and economic flashpoint.” August 12.

2019      El Nuevo Día. “Koch Foods busca llenar plazas en plantas de Mississippi luego de las redadas de ICE.” August 12.

2019      New York Times. “After Mississippi ICE raids, job fair draws hopeful workers.” August 12.

2019      National Public Radio. “ICE raids hit poultry processing plants that rely on Latino immigrant labor.” August 10.

2019      Los Angeles Times. “Mississippi raids split families and leave children adrift: ‘I just want my mom and dad.’” August 10.

2019      America’s Voice. “Why do exploitative employers like Trump and the Mississippi plant operators get off scot-free while immigrant workers have their families and lives ripped apart?” August 9.

2019      Radio France Internationale. “À la Une: à qui profite les opérations anti-migrants aux États-Unis?” August 9.

2019      Citizen Truth. “ICE raids focused on company whose Hispanic workers won discrimination lawsuit.” August 9.

2019      Washington Post. “Donald Trump is the immigration problem he rails against.” August 9.

2019      Washington Post. “What we know about the 5 companies targeted in the ICE raids in Mississippi.” August 9.

2019      Mississippi Today. “ICE raids cause labor decline in sector already seeking to fill thousands of positions.” August 9.

2019      Oxfam. “Workplace raids stoke the climate of fear. And that’s the point.” August 9.

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