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Phone: (919) 843-7809

Fax: (919) 962-1613

Office: 413-A Alumni Bldg.

Area of Interest:

My research interests converge around identity formation, social movements, community organizations and organizing, ethnographically-grounded oral and life history, and action research and collaborative research projects.


Ph.D., 2001, City University of New York Graduate School & University Center
1996    M.Phil. CUNY Graduate School. Major: Anthropology.
1991    M.A. University of South Florida, Tampa, FL. Applied Anthropology.
1987    B.S. College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C. Major: Sociology.

Faculty Engaged Scholar spotlight

Areas of Research Focus

My research concentrates on identity formation, Black identity, social movements, community organizing, community development, ethnographically grounded oral history, welfare reform and access to higher education, and action research.  My work and research have primarily been located in Jamaica and in the United States. Broadly speaking, my research interests are concered with social movements, identity, and social transformation in terms of social justice.

Courses I Regularly Teach

*  Introduction to General Anthropology (Anth 101). An Introduction to the four sub-disciplines in anthropology.

*  Anthropology & Community Development (Anth 194). A survey of community development and relevant anthropological contributions to community development.

*  Ethnography & Life Stories (Anth 285). An introduction to the theory and methods of doing ethnographically-informed life narrative research.

* Racial Formation in Jamaica (Anth 898). A Semester-long inquiry into how Blackness has formed and evolved in Jamaica.

* Action Research (Anth 499).  A class-room based venture into the intricacies of action research focused on relationship and team-building, problem-solving, leadership development, research, and communicating research findings.


Highlander Research & Education Center

Howard Samuels State Management & Policy Center

National Community Development Institute

Southern Funding Collaborative

Selected Publications:

Becoming Rasta Origins of Rastafari Identity in Jamaica (2009)

Collaborations Count: Promoting Community Organizing (Ford Foundation, 2009)

A New Generation of Southerners: Youth Organizing in the South (Funder’s Collaborative on Youth Organizing, 2004)