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Spring 2018 Course Schedule

Medical Anthropology Spring 2018 Courses

Spring 2018 Special Topics Course Descriptions

Spring 2018 Course Flyers:

ANTH89.047 Canine Cultures

ANTH272 Healing in Ethnography & Literature

ANTH326 Practicing Medical Anthropology

ANTH410 Historical Artifact Identification and Analysis

ANTH412 Paleoanthropology

ANTH416 Bioarchaeology

ANTH421 Archaeological Geology

ANTH461 Colonialism & Postcolonialism

ANTH490.042 The Rise and Fall of the Inca Empire

ANTH490.047 Planetary Life in the Anthropocene

ANTH538 Disease and Discrimination: Politics, Poverty, and Pestilence in Colonial Atlantic America

ANTH674 Issues in Cultural Heritage

ANTH898.084 Engaging Ethnography

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